Since mid March, the Canary Islands have been under a very strict lockdown imposed by the Spanish government.
The virus was spreading at very high speed in Madrid, Basque country and Catalonia. The central government implemented in whole Spain (including the Canary Islands) one of the strongest lockdown in the world, similar to the one implemented in Wuhan.

In the last few weeks most of Spain is recovering very slowly a kind of "new normality".

astroGC, as a company up in the Outdoor Activity oficial database is allowed to run excursions in the mountains at any time of the day or night from "phase I" lockdown.

astroGC van at Mirador del Mulato viewpoint during phase I lockdown.

But there are no tourists in Gran Canaria right now. Absolute zero. There are some travellers who decided to stay here. They had to leave their hotels to rent an apartment with kitchen to be able to cook. They are somehow some new residents.

This is the case of David and John (fictitious names). David is from the United States and is travelling a lot. He had to come back from Asia due to COVID-19. He knew he would have to face a lockdown wherever in the world and he choose to be locked Gran Canaria. Afterall it is more easy to control a virus on an island where one can only come by boat or plane.

David was surprised by the strongness of the measures here. But he was right in the virus is apparently being under control.

In the last weeks there are very few new cases in Gran Canaria. It seems the island is on the way to become a COVID-19 free destination.

David contacted us and asked if we are "up and running". We are not "running" due to the lack of guests. But we are "up". Ready to go at any time if the sky is clear.

On 22 May, we went with David and John to the South West of Gran Canaria and we enjoyed a priceless night observing the stars.

Our hand made telescope with zodiacal light in background during phase I lockdown (22 May).

In the next weeks, the virus could be under total control in Gran Canaria, with no new cases. That would be great as the island also benefits from a modern, robust and reliable public sanitary system.

All in all, Gran Canaria could turn to be a safe destination and a good choice for holidays in the next few months.

Thank you David, thank you John. It was a real pleasure.


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