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In this so endearing dates I share with you this photo taken yesterday of our sweet home we call "Milky Way". The trained eye will distinguish other two neighboring galaxies. Our planet is about to complete another turn around its ordinary star. These are about 4 543 000 000 turns so far. Congratulations to all and enjoy the next turn.

Finding Cheap Airport Parking with Parkhero

As there are so many different airport parking options across the UK, it can be quite difficult at times to find the best price. The cost of parking varies depending on the how far ahead you book, the demand for parking when you leave on your holiday and the type of parking you are looking for. However, there is more to consider than price alone! The are three main types of parking at airports across the UK – Park and Ride, Meet and Greet and Park and Walk. You also need to consider whether you want an official service provided by the airport or an off-site provider. These will offer slightly different services, but the main difference is the distance from the terminal. Using an online parking comparison platform, such as Parkhero, can help you find the best available options. Whether you want parking near Manchester Airport , Leeds Bradford, Gatwick or Bristol, Parkhero provides you with a simple overview to make your choice quick and easy. Best of all you do not get charged a