A very tiny one

At astroGC we are dedicating time and money to find micrometeorites and learn more about this fascinating extraterrestrial spherules.

Micrometeorite hunting and their positive identification as extraterrestrial origin is challenging. Nevertheless micrometeorites are everywhere. Every step you take in an outdoor area, you step on several micrometeorites.

This means it is theoretically possible to find micrometeorites next to the door of your home. This is precisely what we have done.

On Saturday 6 April 2019. After a huge rain, we recollected dust on the sidewalk next to the garage where we are parking one of our vans.

We noticed a neighbor drains rainwater from his roof directly to the public sidewalk. It is not raining very often here. Micrometeorites fell on his roof during months and were moved out to the sidewalk during the strong rain. After analyzing the dust, we finally discovered a strong micrometeorite candidate. In this case we are not 100% sure it is a actually a micrometeorite. It really looks like. The problem is it is extremely small. Taking a good picture of it took us many hours and gave us the opportunity improve our skills and test the limit of our equipments.



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