The Gran Canaria island is said to be a "miniature continent". It has many different landscapes. The weather can also be very different from one point to another. Actually the weather IS usually different in the South, the North, East, West or Center. Having a cloudy sky in Maspalomas area this does not mean the top of the island is cloudy as well.

Case A: Trade winds blowing. Very usual during summer time.
Case B: Storm entering the island from South-West. This happens more often during winter.
Case C: Low clouds (the top of the island is clear).
Case D: Calima. This is dust coming from Sahara desert.

Yesterday, 29 December 2018 we had a case similar to C. The sky was completely covered in Maspalomas and Puerto Rico area during the evening and at night. It was also covered in the East and North of the island. Nevertheless this were low clouds.

The astroGC astronomy excursion took place despite of the weather being a bit uncertain. At astroGC, guests do not have to pay if the weather is cloudy. The group were very friendly and jovial. We all assume the risk of loosing our time and agreed we would do our best. We went to Presa del Mulato and it was cloudy. We had to go up to Roque Nublo. The sky we had at Roque Nublo worth the road trip. We were only a few dozen of meters up to the sea clouds. The starry sky was absolutely fabulous.

Here is a picture of the yesterday night from Roque Nublo. Thanks to Giovanna for allowing the use of the picture.

Giovanna, 29 December 2018 at Roque Nublo


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