At this time of the year, the earth crosses the orbit of an asteroid called Phaethon. The orbit of the asteroid is quite "dusty". Debris from Phaethon enter Earth’s atmosphere at high speed (about 10-15 km/s) and produce shooting stars from a radiant point near Castor star in Gemini constellation. This is the annual Geminid meteor shower.

This days, at night, mostly after midnight, you should see many shooting stars.

Yesterday night with the group we saw quite a few. I decided to use my camera pointing randomly in the sky and take pictures.

I was still adjusting the camera to take the first picture when a huge meteor crossed the sky. This one WAS NOT related with Phaethon as it was not crossing the sky from Gemini.

I shot and I could immortalize the tail of the "falling star".

Here you are.


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