The moon light faints the stars. If you want a good observation of the mikly way, or take a picture of it, the best is a no moon night. Nevertheless, the moon light when the sky is very clear can also help to take very nice night pictures.

This one has been taken the day before yesterday with an almost full moon (90%).


  • Camera: Nikon D5500
  • Lens: Tokina SD 11-16 F2.8 (IF) DXII


  • Diaphragm: f/2.8
  • ISO 250 (yes, only 250)
  • Zoom 11mm (wide angle)
  • Exposure: 25s

The ISO is very low for a night picture. In my experience a high ISO produces noise that cannot be corrected later. The picture has been taken in RAW format. The JPG file has been extracted using RawTherapee.

The Milky Way is visible on the picture, up to the left pine tree. The light pollution from Mogan and Puerto Rico does not affect much. The picture has been take at Cruz de San Antonio (Gran Canaria). The telescope is a 16'' reflector dobsonian (handmade base).


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